1. We, collectively, agree and abide to a Covenant to be our “brother’s keeper.”

  2. We, collectively, agree and abide to a Covenant to affirm, nurture, and sustain
          each relationship (and to be mutually accountable) with the individuals or
          entities that we personally refer for enrollment in The Covenant Partners Network

  3. We, collectively, agree and abide to a Covenant to reach our personal and/or
         corporate financial goals by consistently and endlessly referring quality individuals
        for enrollment in The Covenant Partners Network. We understand that, when we do this,
        The Global Procurement & Purchasing Power Center will ensure that the “percentage
        of commissions payments” received from the sales of targeted  products and services will be 
        determined by the individual referral performance of each Member Partner
        not individual financial capability. Further, the “percentage of commissions payments” 
        received from the sales of products and services will be determined in direct proportion
        to consistent individual referrals, not from entitlements.

  4.  We, collectively, agree and abide to a Covenant to enjoy the value, sufficiency, and success
           of our membership with the confidence that our commissions payments formula is proven, 
           perpetual, and secure; and to consistently perform and excel in our individual roles with an
           urgency to fulfill and to focus on all of our financial needs.

  5.  Specifically, I will submit my personal enrollment and attempt to refer three (3) others; 
          who join, within 3 days after my enrollment.

Our Covenant is a private and personal understanding.  We reserve the right
to modify this Covenant for the future, if required.  It is between and among:

1.  Covenant Partners Network, LLC dba The Global Procurement & Purchasing
      Power Center


2.  The Covenant Partners Network (Member Partners).

Two are better than one, for if they fall, the one will lift the other up; but woe to the one that is alone.

- Ecclesiastes 4:9 KJV

Our Member Partnerships are inclusive, regardless of where you live. By the grace of God,
we have succeeded in developing a custom-designed plan that will allow commerce among
and between us that, inevitably, performs the basis to financially
Empower Us All.
God is at the center, the very core, of our interactions and transactions.
Nothing separates us as we provide for and learn of each other’s needs.
Continuously, we discover and design methods to fund those needs,
and just as
Jesus Christ was the Word becoming flesh to fulfill the
Scripture here on earth, we serve God by serving our fellow Member Partners.

Come to me, all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

- Matthew 11:28 KJV

With the help of God, we hereby covenant to the above  for the  
economic and entrepreneurial empowerment of
His kingdom and children.

AGREED and ACCEPTED this _______ day of _____________, 2019

Covenant Partners Network, LLC

Signature: _________________________________________________________

Printed Name:  Bennie Wiley

Title:                        Managing Partner

Date:   ______________________________________________________________

Member Partner:

Signature:  _________________________________________________________

Printed Name:  ____________________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________________________________________

This Covenant  Is Anointed, Empowered, and Sealed by the Blood of Jesus.

Now, and Forever More.